Experiencing a structure fire at your residential or commercial property can be one of the most trying experiences of your life. Not only are you burdened with financial concerns, loss of cherished property and documents, and your immediate need for shelter, you also must begin to plan the cleanup and restoration of your property. While some victims of structure fires opt to go it alone when it comes to fire cleanup and restoration, a fire damage restoration service can help make one of the most painful chapters in your life a little easier.

There are many benefits to hiring a company that provide fire restoration in Ocean City, MD, in the wake of a fire at your home or place of business. Doing so can help you focus on other areas of fire recovery that will need your undivided attention, such as dealing with insurance companies and finding a place to stay or work while your property is restored. Keep reading to learn more about a few of the perks offered by fire damage restoration services.

Cleans Up Debris Efficiently

In the wake of a fire, there will be a massive cleanup that must be undertaken before reconstruction and repair can begin. Soot, ashes, charred furniture, and burned fibers aren’t only unsightly, but in many cases, those items can be dangerous without proper training and protective gear. A fire restoration company has the equipment, experience, and expertise to safely and efficiently clean up your property and prepare it for restoration.

Repairs Structures Damaged by Fire

One of the primary reasons to hire a fire restoration service aside from cleanup is repair of areas of the home or business that were damaged by the fire. A fire restoration service can put its experience to work for you in making swift, efficient repairs that will make your home livable again as quickly as possible. Fire restoration repairs include everything from structural repairs, cosmetic carpentry to restore your home’s appearance, removal of soot from air ducts, and replacement of damaged carpet.

Remediates Smoke Damage

Another secondary cause of damage during a fire is the smoke that billows from the flames. It permeates every porous material in your home, including carpets, furniture, bedding, and drywall. Fire restoration companies use specialized equipment and cleaners to remove the visual evidence of smoke damage from walls and other surfaces without causing further damage. They can also treat your home to remove the lingering smoke smell that will be present in the aftermath of a structure fire. Not only is the smoky odor that follows a structure fire unpleasant, but it also deteriorates air quality and can cause severe allergic reactions. A fire restoration service will remove the smoke smell so that you can breathe easier.

Firefighters with hose

Removes Standing Water and Repairs Water Damage

When you experience a structure fire, the fire itself does considerable damage, as does the smoke that accompanies it. However, there’s another source of damage that’s just as potent as fire and smoke when it comes to the sanctity of your home. Fires are fought with water, which means in the aftermath of a fire, you will undoubtedly have standing water left in the structure and water damage on remaining walls, floors, and ceilings. A fire restoration service can deal with these issues professionally and in an expedited fashion, removing the standing water and repairing water damage.

If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of dealing with a structure fire at your home or place of business, consider hiring a fire restoration service that can help you clean up your property, repair the damage, and restore your home or business to its previous state. To learn more about the perks of hiring a fire restoration company, contact United Restoration Inc. at (443) 727-3307.