Insurance Professionals

United Restoration, Inc. has been working with insurance companies for over 35 years! We handle all types of insurance claims whether commercial or residential, fire damage, water damage, smoke damage, sewage backup, storm damage, vandalism, and much more! We have great relationships with insurance agents, brokers, and adjusters, as we understand different insurance companies have different processes and regulations.

If you are an insurance professional looking to work with or refer a contractor, we encourage you to give United Restoration, Inc. a chance. Let us show you how well we:

  1. Respond immediately 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
  2. Document moisture readings, initial damage upon arrival, photos, etc. which can be the most important information to a successful claim process.
  3. Have the owner sign off on authorization forms.
  4. Communicate with the insurance company on scope of work so that they will be informed of the damages prior to their arrival.
  5. Write estimates for emergency work and repairs with the most widely used estimating software by insurance companies, Xactimate. Not only do we use Xactimate, but we were in the industry prior to the software’s existence, and we were among the first companies to start using the estimating program.
  6. Work with the insurance company and customer to get a fair agreed price quickly, which is our specialty. Over 30 years working on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, we have established a trusting relationship with many of the adjusters and agents and we have the knowledge of how to work with the insurance company on items such as mold/mold coverage, asbestos, lead, code ordinance coverage, sewage back up limits, state condo laws, etc. This is the process which can hold up the job for weeks or even months if you are not familiar with the ins and outs of the policies and insurance claim process, but we have got this covered for you!
  7. Reconstruct/restore the property with our experienced construction team. After 30 years of working in construction and the restoration industry, we have created a team of employees and subcontractors who we believe are the best in the industry. We have a large pool of preset quality resources so that we can properly take care of all of our customers. We work with the homeowner/unit owner until the job is 100% complete and to their satisfaction!
  8. Complete the work in accordance with the insurance company’s agreed figures and we also have the capital to continue to work while waiting for the insurance company to release the insurance funds.
  9. Work with the insurance company to get the depreciation released.
  10. Have each customer sign off on a certificate of satisfaction so that there is no question that we have a satisfied customer!