When a fire breaks out, it’s devastating not only for your family, but for your home as well. A fire wreaks havoc on your home not only while the flame is active, but also in the days and weeks that follow. Whether caused by faulty wiring or a kitchen accident, it’s important to understand exactly how to restore your house during the aftermath of a fire. As long as you act quickly, smoke damage restoration services in Ocean City, MD, can help you to repair what’s been lost. Here are a few things to keep in mind in regard to smoke damage following a fire.

Acting Quickly

The longer that you wait to call in the best smoke damage restoration in Ocean City, MD, the longer the repairs will take. Not only will the repairs take longer, but the damage will be more extensive as well. In the minutes after a fire, the acid from the soot begins to stain and discolor the surfaces of your home. Fabric materials are especially susceptible to this residue. As time ticks on, the damage only worsens. You’ll begin to see that the walls in your home yellow in the hours following the fire. Metal fixtures may also start to rust. If you wait weeks to call in a professional restoration company, the surfaces in your home may be permanently damaged. Not only will the walls begin to weaken, but you’ll also find that they’re completely discolored. While a large portion of these items can be repaired, some may need to be replaced entirely.

Clearing the Odor

The smell of smoke is difficult to remove from a home. Even months after a house fire, the odor could linger if measures haven’t been taken to eliminate it. Soft surfaces are especially susceptible to the smell of smoke. Furniture, curtains, and carpet tend to soak up the smell and retain it. For this reason, calling in the help of a professional restoration company can help. Experts understand how difficult it can be to deodorize your home following a fire. By acting quickly to remove the smoke residue from your home, it reduces the risk that the scent will linger.

Repairing Your Wiring

A portion of house fires are caused by faulty electrical equipment or wires. When this is the case, there’s a good chance that the wiring needs to be completely replaced. Not only will your electrical system need to be repaired, but it should be thoroughly inspected too. This ensures that there isn’t any additional corrosion to the outlets, wires, or cords. With the right help, you can repair the existing damage and prevent future flames from occurring.

Smoke Damage Restoration Services in Ocean City, MD


The quicker that you act, the less likely your home is to experience permanent damage. Without proper attention, you may see that the wood and plastic surfaces in your home begin to warp. They may also become discolored. The metals, granite, and marble in your home could become tarnished, too. Don’t allow the fire to completely destroy the finishes in your house. Instead, act quickly to enlist the help of restoration specialists.

The cleanup following a house fire should be handled professionally. With the right company taking care of your smoke restoration in Ocean City, MD, you’ll have your home back in no time. After a house fire, call the experts at United Restoration, Inc., or call us anytime to learn more about our services and how we can help you.